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"Kendall Hayes has outstanding technical skills and is savvy with all uses of the computer. She is a people person with outstanding networking skills that allows her to leverage contacts for the benefit of her employer or organization. I highly recommend Kendall as she would prove an asset to any organization."

Shelah Harper ·Owner, Asia Adams Save OUR Children Foundation, Inc and Health, Wellness and Fitness Consultant
“Kendall truly has a passion and a heart for people. Her ability to see and assess the needs of all walks of life, coupled with her prowess in the ability to define solutions that have lasting, positive, tangible outcomes, makes her a must have for any organization who operates in today's social climate.

Kendall has spent years in the Educational realm, standing out amongst her peers, becoming well versed in providing exceptional learning tools and resources to the academic population in the midst of challenging budgets.

Her added ability to track progress, analyze data, and explain measurable outcomes rounds out her extremely well developed professional skill set.” April 20, 2011

Malik Boyd, President, Philadelphia Young Democrats

“Kendall is a very compassionate and detail oriented person who gives maximum effort in everything she does. Whether being a mentor, a mother, or even a grandmother, Kendall has a heart of gold and is always looking out for her fellow human being. She is a class act as well as a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul.” April 7, 2011

Earl Davis, Massage Therapist, The Touch

“Kendall is a wonderful person filled with compassion and dedication. I know her to be a smart and efficient worker with ambition and expertise.” February 18, 2010

Michael Rice, Community Develop. Coordinator, Dept of Human Services

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Kendall Hayes for approximately 5 years. A consummate professional with a diverse skill set, Ms. Hayes . offers her clients avast arary of knowledge, skills and abilities. One brief discussion will prove to be a blessing.
While unselfish and dedicated, she can handle roles and leader or student. Experienced and humble by nature she is worthy of your hire.

Please contact me for additional information” February 13, 2010

Bob Shipman Jr, Community Organizer Coordinator, ISCV

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Kendall Hayes for approximately 3 years. A consummate professional with a diverse skill set, Ms. Hayes is the CEO of HTS Inc. HTS, Inc. offers its clients -- which consists predominantly of businesses and business owners -- an array of administrative services which, in turn, enhances their visual identity and their effectiveness in meeting the demands of their clients for expediently delivered high quality products and services.” September 29, 2008

Diane Sears, Managing Editor - IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD(R), BSI International, Inc.