Thursday, November 29, 2018


To all my single ladies.  First let me assure you that there is nothing wrong with you.  Being single is
a sign of strength.  Blessed is she who is able to learn to live alone, to get to know herself, to be able to take care of herself and to love herself.  Knowing your worth is the prerequisite to having a healthy relationship.  You must know your worth and set standards for a man to show he is worthy of your consideration.  

Knowing your worth means that you don’t go chasing after anyone.  Your mere presence will draw potential mates like flies.  But we have to brush away the flies to allow the real prize access.  Now, giving access does NOT mean access to the gold between your thighs.   Hold off on that.  Allow access to your innermost thoughts and desires.  Allow access to your scars and wounds.  Then allow access to your heart.  He, in turn will follow your lead. 

You (and me too) We are Worthy of being treated as the Queens that we are.  But first We must release our Inner Queen.  Exude an aura of royalty and your King shall come!

Be Encouraged. and Blessed my Sisters

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