Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Benefits of Being Part of a Travel Club

Why Join a Travel Club?
If you’re like me, you’ve heard all kinds of excuses when family and friends turn down a vacation invite. From the distance of the destination to the expense, I can’t keep up with the reasons why people put off traveling.  But, after having to put off another trip in 2010 because friends & family had backed out, I decided to start my own travel club. Travel clubs are the ultimate way of meeting new people and exploring destinations you once put off because you had no one to travel with. Joining a travel club opens doors one would have never thought could open!

Detailed below are my top 3 reasons I feel travel clubs not only keeps your travel flame lit, but being a member of a travel club also says you NEVER have to put off traveling again because those you know don’t want to go!

Locate Like Minded Travelers
Being a member of a travel club you’ll meet other like-minded travelers who are ready to see the world just like you are. You’ll find that many travel club members share common interest making it an even more valuable experience. Many clubs offer social events where you can meet local club members before traveling together. This is one way you can actually locate a roommate for your trip.  Often, travel clubs offer roommate placement but even if you decide to room at single occupancy you are still traveling with a group of like-minded travelers who are ready to explore the world.

Experience places you never thought you’d go.
Travel clubs open doors for endless travel opportunities. Many people seek to fulfill their bucket list while being club members. After all, the only reason they joined was to travel, right? Being a member is where you’ll discover your interest for South Africa, Costa Rica or the Maldives if it hasn’t already landed on your bucket list.  These may also be places you’ve always turned down because you just couldn’t picture yourself being there alone.

Endless Travel Opportunities
As I’ve already mentioned, the opportunity to travel is off limits when you’re a member of a travel club! While you may not always be available to travel with your club, there are always other travel options covering a host of destinations that you can choose from when it is convenient for you. 

Next time you have the travel bug but your friends are full of excuses, don’t cancel your trip. Find a travel club and join in on the fun of exploring the world!  

Choosing the Right Travel Club
When it comes to choosing the right travel club, options are plentiful. With that, there are some things to consider before you sought out to join a club you’ll eventually be traveling with. Many clubs have requirements that are restrictive to such categories as age, gender and geographical location. There are also clubs that require a financial responsibility and application process before joining.

Listed below are some of the most popular travel club types that are available today.

Women or Men only Travel Club
This type of club is restrictive to gender. It is either a women OR men’s only club. There are some clubs who also have age and geographical restrictions. These types of travel clubs are generally open to traveling worldwide offering a host of group travel events annually.

Age Restrictive Travel Club
It is just that. You must meet the age requirements in order to join the club. Just like a Women or Men’s only club, Age Restrictive Travel Clubs generally travel worldwide annually.

Cruisers Only Travel Club
This type of Travel Club attracts travelers who love all things by way of cruise ships! 99% of travel events offered by Cruise Only Travel Clubs take place on a cruise ship. If you like cruises consider joining this type of club or starting your own!

Events Travel Club
Like Soul Beach Music Festival in Aruba? How about the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans? If you enjoy traveling around the world to various major music events and festivals DO find an Events Travel Club!

Food & Wine Travel Club
Then there are clubs where you can eat your way around the globe and feel a nice little buzz on the way! Food & Wine Travel Clubs are very popular and attract foodies and wine enthusiast alike. Interested in Napa Valley, South Africa’s Wine Trail or Touring Italy for that perfect vino and cheese pair? A Food & Wine Travel Club is calling YOU!

If you are in the Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey and Delaware areas, I invite you to join The Globe Trotting Divas of Philadelphia Travel Club. We are dedicated to women travelers ages 30 - 60 who do not want to travel alone and appreciate the group travel setting.  

Now that you have options, it’s ok to leave family and friends home with their excuses!
Join a travel club. Plan the trip. Then book and go! 

Anitra Byers
Travel Professional
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The Globe Trotting Divas of Philadelphia

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