Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I’ve been wearing wigs lately.  They are convenient especially when your natural hair is at an awkward in-between stage of going from short back to long.  Wigs also allow your hair to rest from the things we put on it.  Just remember, when wearing wigs, you still need to care for your natural hair.  Just want to share a few of my remedies.

COD LIVER OIL – How many of you had grandmothers who used this as a remedy for damn near any ailment they had?  I know mines did.  Including hair treatment.  My grandmother would rub Cod Liver Oil on her hair once per week.  Then she would put a stocking over the hair brush and brush her hair for about 15 minutes.  She had the most beautiful head of hair. 
This oil can also be used for hot oil treatments.
Now, scientist and studies are showing what our grandmothers already knew.  Cod Liver Oil is high in vitamins A and D while promoting healthy hair and scalp.

BRAID YOUR NATURAL HAIR – The “Wig Lady” that I go do wears wigs everyday.  She is also a licensed cosmetologist.  Tell me why she does not braid her natural hair?  Now it so matted that it must be cut down.  Wigs look nice, but you natural hair needs to be cared for.

MASSAGE YOUR SCALP – There is nothing like a good scalp massage!  Not scratching the scalp, but massaging it.  It is better when someone else massages your scalp, but you can do it yourself.  For best results, start at the forehead and work your way down to the nape of your neck.  You can also purchase a scalp massager.  Not only does this promote hair growth, it’s also good for the soul!

I hope you enjoyed this little tid bit!

Peace and Love!

Authoress Kendall Hayes

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