Friday, December 26, 2014

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing involves marketing and advertising strategies that are focused and conducted on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Mobile marketers communicate with consumers by sending text messages or SMS. Smart phone owners can also be targeted by marketers via mobile internet, social media, and mobile applications.

With mobile marketing, you can send a simple marketing message to consumers or ask them to participate in a contest, survey or poll. Smart phone users can also visit a mobile website. Mobile marketing was not feasible just a few years ago but now that consumers can receive text messages and view images on their smart phones, marketers and business owners must adapt and embrace this new medium or fall by the wayside.

 There are over 5.6 billion cell phones in use globally, which means that close to 80% of the world's 7 billion inhabitants has access to a mobile phone. With that kind of reach, businesses can no longer afford to ignore the opportunities presented by mobile marketing. In particular, small business owners should also consider how the mobile market can benefit them.

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