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Contact:  Dayna Cherry

Local Author/Entrepreneur Hosts Inaugural
Author’s Book Signing and Networking Event
For Authors who are seeking community and National recognition

Philadelphia, PA – August, 2014 -  When Dan Ramsey became incarcerated, he took it as an opportunity to reflect on his fast and furious lifestyle of gangs, drugs, pain and power.  He used reading as an outlet and a tool to help him grow internally – studying the Bible, the Koran and a variety of other books.    Danny believes that God spared his life to enlighten and empower him to bring many books to fruition – book s that will aid others in their search for inner meaning.   Inspired by his daughter, he wrote and illustrated 9 children’s books.  He is also the author of “For Men Only… Having A Loving Relationship With God And Your Woman” a book that was written exclusively for men to help them see that the role of a woman in their lives is an essential element of their spiritual health and a significant contributor to their own self-actualization.

“I started writing For Men Only…Having A Loving Relationship With God And Your Woman while I was incarcerated.  I became a lecturing in prison and upon my return to society began teaching various men’s groups about the importance of keeping God in the relationship with their women.  I brought so much information to the forefront that the participants couldn’t retain it all in one session and I was asked to write it down.  So, I self-published this book that I had written while incarcerated.”

Daniel emphasizes that the book is not just For Men Only.  “Lots of women have read it as well.  It was written for men because men are supposed to be the head of the household and they need to be straight in order for the household to be in order.    Woman who read this book are getting a different perspective on the male experience.  It helps women raise their standards in what they expect in a relationship.”

“Ever since I published this book, I’ve meant several fellow authors who've shared their stories about the journey of writing a book.  Many have become discouraged, lacking support and information about writing and publishing books.  I decided to host a forum to bring authors together, giving them an opportunity to promote and sell their books, to network and to learn more about writing and publishing.  “I wanted to offer a forum where Authors could come together and encourage one another.  We need to surround ourselves with like-minded people and build up one another’s confidence.   I also wanted to have a place and time dedicated to encouraging people to read; children and adults.”

Treasure’s Banquet Hall will host its Inaugural Author’s Book Signing and Networking Event Authors of all genres are invited to participate in this great opportunity to share published and upcoming work.    There are currently 10 authors who have signed up to participate. 
There will also be representatives there from the Philadelphia Chapter of The National Writers Union UAW Local 1981 -  the only labor union that represents freelance writers.

Now, more than ever, with the consolidation of power into the hands of ever-larger corporate entities and with the advent of technologies that facilitate the exploitation of a writer’s work, writers need an organization with the clout and know-how to protect our interests. One that will forge new rules for a new era.

Combining the strength of more than 1,200 members in our 13 chapters with the support of the United Automobile Workers, the NWU works to advance the economic and working conditions of all writers

This event takes place Friday August 22, 2014, 2pm – 8pm at Treasure’s Banquet Hall 5549 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19144.  This event is free to the public.  Author’s fee is $15 for table. 
For information, contact Dayna Cherry 267-601-6094 or Daniel Ramsey at 267-241-5695.


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