Monday, January 27, 2014


One of the fundamental ingredients for a wholesome marriage, or for any healthy relationship whether it be mother and son, brother or sister or friendships with those outside our family, is honesty.


With this in mind, the fundamental issue behind Kendall Hayes’s book ‘Season of Hope’ isn’t that of homosexuality; whether or not homosexuality is right or wrong; whether they should be permitted to marry or not, that has no relevance to the story in which Hayes tell.  Some might try to read this into her writings for their own personal reasons or seek to twist her intentions to make it seem as if the topic of the book has to do with the homosexuality of one of its characters but that would be not only incorrect, it also would be yet another missed opportunity for open and honest discussion on a very important issue.


It is such honest discussion that is sorely missing in our communities today. Think about it: When was the last time your church, synagogue or Masjid spoken about the role of marriage as related to homosexuality? What about your friends, those in your peer group?


When I say ‘discuss the issue’, I do not mean having some superficial and momentary discussion about homosexual and heterosexual relationships but a deeper, more balanced evaluation of the subject from both sides of the coin, meaning from a gay and straight perspective. You have probably not had such discussions or, if you have, very few.


Yet we need to do so. Faith based groups shy away from the topic and just makes a stand one way or another according to their traditions and beliefs and that is that. Our friends might mention it as a conversation piece; state their formed opinion, probably laced with lewd jests, without any significant exploration of the matter and move on to the next topic.


However there are gay people who are married or in relationships with straight people who have no idea that their significant other or spouse is attracted to members of the same-sex, or, for that matter, gay people in relationships with someone whom they did not know were straight.


This is why  of ‘Seasons of Hope,’ is such an important book; it brings to the light that which we have left lurking in the shadows far too long; it raises an important issue which we have publicly ignored and socially suppressed far too many times.


My hope is that after you read the book, you will discuss it with your friends, family members and those in the groups and organizations to which you belong.


This fascinating book is more than just a good read it is a step towards the light.


Nathaniel Lee

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