Thursday, January 30, 2014

Book Reviews for "Seasons of Hope"

‘Seasons of Hope,’ brings to the light that which we have left lurking in the shadows far too long; it raises an important issue which we have publicly ignored and socially suppressed far too many times; the fundamental ingredients for a wholesome marriage, or for any healthy relationship:honesty.
 Nathaniel Lee, Journalist, Philadelphia Tribune

Scandalous with a strong lesson in a basic principal for humans;  Honesty.
Diane Banks, Student of Theology

Kendall, did a wonderfully magical job on this book, “Seasons of Hope.”   She engrosses the reader as they travel the journey with the characters.  The lesson you get out of it is the result of the magic that you experience; once you open the book and read it through… 
Cleous G. Young, Author   

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  1. Congratulations on the publishing of your book Kendall. I can't wait to purchase an autographed copy.