Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Seasons of Hope" Part 1 NOW Available on Kindle

"There is nothing new under the sun."

For many centuries, sexuality has been a taboo subject.  People of the same sex have been attracted to each other since ancient times.  Homosexuality and Lesbianism has been the root of self-hatred, suicides and mental illness in individuals.  In an effort to not disappoint parents, family and society, some try to live a “normal” life. This decision often has adverse effects on the individual and the people in their lives.

"Seasons of Hope" is a fictional account of one woman's journey through a series of unfortunate, life altering events.  At the root is her coming to the realization that her husband is gay. The story follows one man’s struggle with his sexuality and the lengths he will go through to keep it a secret.  .  It takes the reader on a spiritual  journey through  seasons of betrayal, brokenness, healing, empowerment and restoration.

"An ugly truth is better than a beautiful lie."

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