Monday, November 19, 2012

EDUCATION: Playing our part in the SOLUTIONS for Saving Our Schools

JB Productions Presents: “Conversations” – A fun, kinda let your hair down type of event! Focusing on discussing real – life topics & issues that we deal with on a day – to – day basis in an open forum! The intention is to create the atmosphere for interactive/mutual dialogue between attendees & host(s). All done for fun, but designed for guests to have open, honest, candid, mature, RESPECTFUL & down to earth dialogue that would allow for potential solutions to some of the challenges we face on an individ...
ual level.

This month’s topic of discussion will be: "EDUCATION: Playing our part in the SOLUTIONS for Saving Our Schools!” We will discuss the importance of taking personal accountability and assisting with developing implementable solutions to help save our schools!!! We will be bringing in individuals to educate and dialogue with the audience about the current state of affairs; the importance of the public’s involvement; the impact of NOT being involved; and identifying a targeted list of supportive, implementable solutions to save our schools!!! We are also pleased to have Dr. William Hite, the new Superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia, participating in the discussion! Please spread the word and show up at this life changing event!

When: Tuesday, November 20th
Time: 6:00PM to 8:00PM
Details: Networking/Chat & Chew: 6:00 – 6:30PM
Conversation begins: 6:30PM (SHARP)
Wrap – Up: 7:45PM – 8:00PM

Where: School District of Philadelphia, 440 N. Broad Street, Room 1075
Dress Code: Fashionable
Cover: FREE
Parking: Metered Street & paid lot parking available!!!
Amenities: Complimentary Refreshments provided by Eatible Delights Catering

We are hoping for a successful, engaging & fun event. Looking forward to seeing you there. Help us spread the word and invite others to join you and participate in a very mature, life – changing chat!

Sponsored by: Eatible Delights Catering; Eye Innovations; and Black Professional News

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