Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Philadelphia Public School Alumnus Gives Back to the Community

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Philadelphia Public School Alumnus Gives Back to the Community
Sponsors Youth Entrepreneur Program at the Anna Blakiston Day School

Philadelphia, PA, May 15, 2012 - Dr. Robert A. Faizon is no stranger to adversity. At the age of eight he was separated from his family and lived in the Stenton Home for Children for three years. During that time, he attended the A. B. Day School where he received his primary education in a nurturing environment. When asked to sponsor a Youth Entrepreneur Program for students at his Alma Mater, he didn't hesitate.

In the past the program had been funded by the School District through The Business Center for Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise. "When I discovered that funding wasn't available this year, I called Robert.    He and I attended the University of Pitt together and I remembered that he had attended A.B. Day so I reached out to him and he accepted" said Pamela Rich-Wheeler, Director of the Business Center.

At age eleven Dr. Faizon was reunited with his family. Although the adversity continued, he remained diligent in his studies, graduated from Olney High School and pursued his medical degree at the University of Pittsburgh. He then attended Yale University's School Of Medicine for Residency in Obstetrics/Gynecology (OB/GYN).

Dr. Faizon had been contemplating ways to give back to his community so when presented with this opportunity he was overjoyed. On Thursday, May 17, 2012, he will come and meet the program's participants, talk with them and answer any questions they have.

The school's principal, Ms. Karen White was happy to have the opportunity to offer this after-school program to her students. Within one week 26 parents registered their children to participate.

The program instructor, Kendall Hayes is impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm of the third through sixth grade participants. "One of the first things we do is to show the students how to identify a problem and convert it into a business opportunity. These students were familiar with the basic understanding of entreprenehip and excited about learning how to roadmap their way to success."

The program also teaches life skills, basic accounting principles (including budgeting, cash flow analysis, investing and return on investments) problem solving, the importance of a business plan, and how to write one.

Ms White says that students are very excited about meeting Dr. Faizon and have lots of question for him.

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