Friday, March 23, 2012

Bouncy Houses

Content by Mitch Osborne

Our mall just opened a room with bouncy houses in it for kids. It’s awesome. It’s got about 4 or 5 different bouncy castles, and you can pay to play in 15 minute increments. I think every 15 minutes is $3.50. So, yeah, it’s not cheap, but it makes the perfect bribe for good behavior while I do my shopping. Today, I told the kids that if they were polite and patient while I shopped for sandals, we would go play in the bouncy houses. It worked like a charm! It was so worth the $7.00 I had to shell out for two kids. They had a tv going and comfy chairs for the parents to relax in while the children played. I saw a commercial for, and wrote it down on one of my receipts so that I could remember to check it out once I got home. The commercial made it sound like a really useful site. By the time we left the jumpy houses, the kids were exhausted and slept all the way home.

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