Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Animal Planet

Author: Joyce Mccall

My daughter got married in May of last year. She and her husband moved close to us just outside of Plano, Texas. My son in law is this really huge guy at six foot four inches. He was very athletic growing up and now has whittled it down to playing a mean game of tennis with a team he has joined. He has always loved being outdoors camping or hiking or even hunting. The other day he was making reference to some weird animal that he had seen on Animal Planet on I never knew that he knew so much about animals except for the ones he hunts. He told me that he watches Animal Planet all the time. I am constantly finding out new things about my son in law. He even got into this big discussion about how Big Foot is still around, and that people are still hunting for him. I even watched one of the shows with him one time that was about these guys hunting Big Foot at night. All I can say is that you would never catch me hunting something like that at night. I am too big of a chicken.

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