Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Surprise Visit

Written by my friend Anita Glenn

It was a very quiet Tuesday morning and I was very productive cleaning and preparing for a very busy weekend. To my surprise, my niece called and said she was swinging by for an impromptu visit. I immediately threw together some items for a great lunch, brewed some coffee and set out to catch up with her. She arrived all cheery and chatty and we enjoyed each other’s company over a hot meal on a cold afternoon. She filled me in on her college plans and how grueling moving out was going to be and I sat there wondering where all the years had went. We were both full and tired so we made ourselves cozy on the sofa and flipped on DIRECTV and settled in for a long leisurely afternoon. All motivation was out the window for the rest of the day and we were both content with that. We watched a movie together and I couldn’t remember the last time I had done that in the middle of the afternoon. I suggested she visit more often so I would have an excuse to catch up on some blockbusters.

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