Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shopping...It's changed with the times.

I’ve always been a shopper. I get it honestly. As a child, my mom and aunts would drag me along on day long shopping ventures from one end of the city to the next…looking for bargains. Sometimes we’d end up back at the first store to purchase the items after comparing prices. I’ve passed it down to my daughters. Tired of all the running around, they discovered on line shopping a few years ago. I was still set in my ways and couldn’t even imagine shopping online but my daughters seemed to be addicted to it. I still liked the rush of going to the mall. I thought technology took away the thrill of shopping. Then I realized that more often than not I’d find myself leaving the mall frustrated that they didn’t have what I wanted in my size. I’d wasted gas and time just to leave empty handed.

So, apprehensively, I began to explore cyber shopping…
I didn’t like it at all. I couldn’t feel the fabrics. I couldn’t try things on the make sure they fit right; especially shoes. I have to be sure my shoes fit right and are comfortable and I sure couldn't do that with online shopping. Then I’d have to pay for my merchandise and wait for it to be shipped. Nope. I didn’t think this was for me. But I guessed it was no different from my mom catalog shopping from Spiegel’s, so I took a chance. Last Christmas, I too became hooked! After exploring, I began to find great prices. Still apprehensive (because I couldn’t feel or see the actual product first) I started ordering…and haven’t stopped since! I’ve ordered coats, jewelry, cd’s clothes AND SHOES; and to date have not been disappointed! I find great values at reasonable prices and often shipping is free or discounted.

So, in this modern age of technology, I do most of my shopping online now. Oh, I still go to the malls. There’s just something about the mall that’s nostalgic and soothing for me. I browse, check prices, then go home, get online and compare. Most times I find a better deal online and that’s the best part about shopping…finding a bargain!

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