Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Senior Moments

Have you ever had a “senior moment”? You know, times when you can’tremember where you put your keys, and find them in the lock. Or when you can’t find your eyeglasses and they’re on top of your head or hanging around your neck? I don’t know about you, but I find myself having more and more of these “senior moments” every day…and I’m ONLY 47 years old!

I have three daughters and a 1-year old granddaughter. The other day, I called her all three of my daughters names before I got to her name. Sometimes when I’m driving, I know my destination, but find myself going in the wrong direction. My poor kids…if I can’t find something in my house, especially make-up, perfume or jewelry, I’m calling them up accusing them of taking things, then an hour later I find it and have to call them back to apologize! And, I never hear the end of it! And my cell phone? Please! I always forget that thing. People ask me why I even have one because I never answer it. That’s because I don’t know where it is half the time!!! And it’s not that I’m disorganized or sloppy; just a little forgetful.

I find myself paying more and more attention to advertisements and infomercials about memory enhancements. However, I am not one who likes taking pills, and probably would forget to take them daily anyway. But I do remember to eat every day and I try to eat healthy. So when I discovered Dr. Victor Marchione’s article about the healing effects of food in his monthly Food Doctor newsletter and His latest special report revealing 12 Brain-Boosting Super Foods that can sharpen mental clarity, I couldn’t wait to read it! What I discovered is that, by eating foods that are easily found in any supermarket, I can overcome my senior moments!

Take a look for yourself. Even if you haven’t experienced any “senior moments” yet, by starting to eat the right foods, maybe you won’t ever experience them!

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