Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fashion for Medical Professionals

You know you’re a fashionista when…

You’re in the hospital after suffering what appeared to be a mini stroke and all you can think about is how bland the nurses and staff look in their blue scrubs. While having tests done and an MRI, you notice how very ugly and ill-fitting those blue caps are! You’re thinking how you would hate to come to work every day looking like everyone else!
Yes, its times like these when you know you are a true fashionista!

And I have three daughters who are just like me. All of them have worked in professions where they were required to wear scrubs and we would shop and search for different patterns and styles so that they could still make their fashion statement while doing their jobs. It was hard to find fashionable scrubs that were high quality. Most of the “cute” scrubs were low quality and didn’t last long. Come to think of it, the not-so-cute scrubs weren’t very high quality either.

I asked some of my friends who work in the medical profession how they feel about their work uniforms. They say they don’t really think too much about it. That’s their uniform and they love their profession and while working aren’t too concerned about fashion, but they do like scrubs made of quality fabric.
If I worked in the medical profession, I would probably be more concerned with saving lives, but would like to wear high quality garments that are a bit fashionable while doing so.

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