Monday, December 5, 2011

Bah Humbug!

People get depressed during the holidays for various reasons. Some get depressed because they miss loved ones that have passed on. Some get depressed because of economical restraints making them unable to participate in the commercialism of the season. I found myself getting depressed last week. I miss my many family members who have passed on. I’m unemployed and unable to shop for the season. But then I had to talk to myself and reflect on all of the good that is going on in my life. I have food clothing and shelter. I’m still able to pay my bills on time. I have plenty of family and friends who are still here that I can share and celebrated the reason for the season with.

I am fortunate to be able to talk myself out of my depression. I often get my blessings by helping others. I helped distribute food to low-income people with a church in my neighborhood a few weeks ago. I was shocked to see how many homeless people there are, in just one section of the city of Philadelphia, PA. These people weren’t on drugs, they weren’t uneducated. They were/are victims of the plundering economic situation that is affecting the whole world. There are not enough shelters to hold the homeless. Many are living out of their cars with their families. But these people were kind. They were happy to be among the land of the living. Their spirits were surprisingly high! They were still giving God praises, in the midst of their hard times.

I learned a valuable lesson that day. I am truly blessed. Those people felt I was a blessing to them because I was helping to distribute food, but the truth is that they were a blessing to me!

Now when those feelings of depression try to sneak up on me, I think of that mother with 3 kids, living in her car. I think of that intelligent, college educated man who lives on the streets. I think of them and those who are in similar situations and how can I possibly get depressed?

Yes, I miss my mom tremendously…especially around Christmas time. No, I won’t be shopping and getting sucked up into the commercialism of the season. I always complained about that anyway, so this year I really don’t have to do it because I can’t. But guess what? I can crochet’ and I have a bunch of yarn to make some hats and scarves with. I can bake cookies and just be kind to others. It really isn’t about buying expensive gifts and wrapping them with decorative paper and bows. It’s about love. LOVE is the greatest gift of all.

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