Thursday, October 13, 2011

Don't forget to check your breasts!


I checked my breasts this month and felt a bump. Very scary. I just had my annual mammogram in June and it was good. No indications of breast cancer. So when I felt this bump, yes I was afraid. Breast cancer runs in my family...My mom, her sister, my great aunt and now my mother's first cousin...all had breast cancer. My mom and great aung didn't have to have kemo, after their masectomies, but my aunt and cousin did.

Anyway, my bump was just that, a bump/pimple and not a lump. Thank GOD! But it got me thinking...was the mammogram an effective method of detection?

I've been hearing alot about a new method of detection...Thermography. Some advocate this method as an alternative to the mammogram, but most advise its use in addition to the mammogram.

Here are some sites for you to review:

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