Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And the abuse continues

I've not really shared my experience living thru a physically, emotionally and abusive marriage for 16 years - for the sake of the children. When I finally came to my senses and had the police come and remove him from our home, I was still afraid of him. Soon after that my mom died unexpectedly and my whole world was topsy turvy. He still had access to the house and I tried to be cordial until one night I woke up to him in the bed next to me! I told him my period was on and soon after moved to my mother's home where I felt a little safer. He was still very nasty after he realized that I had no intention of reconciling with him.

About two years later he served me with divorce papers. I didn't contest. In fact, I let him have the house and all of it's contents. All I got for 16 years of making him look good was $10,000 and PEACE OF MIND.

When at functions that concern my daughters (who went to live with him because they felt comfort in the home they grew up in oh yeah and knowing I didn't have a job took me to court for child support when he makes over $80,000/year AND HE LIED AND BROUGHT FALSE PAYSTUBS INDICATING THAT HE MADE $3,000 PER MONTH GROSS) he always brings his insecure girlfriend who always feels a need to bump, brush up against me or follow me around.

In December of last year I get a text from him asking me what I want for Christmas?!?! Totally ignored it and did not respond. I had/have everything I need. Peace! Something that cannot be brought.

For all I know he could have been behind the mysterious drive by crash and total of my car last November. My whold block is perplexed at how, out of ALL the cars on my block, MINE is the only one that got crashed and totalled. No other car around it was scratched.

Alright enough about the pass, because I really am over it.

But today, I get a certified, notarized letter saying it serves as an "official cease and desist order to inform me that he is in the process of obtaining a court order with the district attorney's office mandating that I stay away from him and his property"?!?! WTF?


So now, he is still harrassing and abusing me because this is just crazy. I have said three words to him in 5 years. I have no idea what prompted this, but I have my attorney on it.

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