Monday, April 11, 2011

Break into Postcard Marketing

By: Martha Killian

For many business owners, running their own business bring them infinite pride and joy. Aside from being their own boss, they get to showcase their skill and creativity in their business. But most often, problems come when marketing time comes. Of course, the primary problem would be budget. How would they be able to carry out a successful marketing campaign without breaking the bank?

A great and simple way to do that is to use the good and old fashioned postcard marketing. That is to mean using the tried and tested paper postcards. Remember those colorful cards you receive in the mail from friends or family abroad? That’s the same card you can use to promote your business.

Compared to other marketing tools, these cards are effective and low cost to create. There’s no need to stretch your budget just to carry out a decent post card campaign. With just a simple but creative design, you already get decent exposure. Add a catchy slogan and compelling message, and you can be sure people will take action at once. After all, people find it hard to resist a message that is brief, clear, and instantly readable.

When you take a look it on a whole, postcard printing is among the most targeted and result-oriented marketing materials today. Sending your cards with reply cards or simply asking your recipients to bring your card when they buy from you, you can instantly record how effective your campaign is. You will know how many responded and how many ignored your cards.

You get to control your campaign

In post card marketing, you get to totally control your sales. You get to decide when you will send your cards to maximize the response.

If ever you experience low replies, you can easily take action to increase your sales. You can also choose the people you will send your cards. They are basically those who are most likely to buy your products or services. Should there be people in your mailing list who don’t respond to your cards, you can get them out of your list and look for new customers.

Reducing your marketing costs is also possible with post cards. You can easily snap up prospective customers and drop those who you think won’t be able afford your products or services.

It simply is important that you plan well. Make a research of your potential customers. Get on the phone and create your own profitable mailing list.

When you can use your cards

There are several occasions you can use your cards, which includes the following:

1. Special events and gatherings - when you are sponsoring an event, you can design a compelling card and send it to the prospective attendees.

2. Thank You cards – showing your gratitude to your customers is an important gesture in business. Many business owners have forgotten this simple act. Remember that a simple thank you can go a long way in building relationships. Design your own cards today, put your own personal note on them, and send them to your customers.

3. Just to inform – when you have important information to share to your customers. Perhaps you recently changed address. You can send them your cards as notifications.

4. Discount coupon – a post card designed as a coupon is surely a great way to encourage your prospects to buy from you or you existing customers to buy again.

Martha Killian has been writing articles online for about 2 years now in a printing company. You can also check out this website for more information about appealing postcards for promoting business and tips on how to make online postcard printing smartly and effectively.

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