Monday, August 23, 2010

Casinos...Good, Bad and Ugly...from my point of view

The Good: When Philadelphia Park Casino first opened, it created new jobs for locals and new revenue for the state. Caught up in the hype, a few girlfriends went and I spent $20 and came home with close to $1,000. Prior to that, I didn't go to the casino expecting to win, I just went for the fun. I would take my little $20 and just play the slots, sometimes winning and couple hundred dollars and leaving, sometimes winning a couple hundred dollars and giving it back. But after they dangled the $1,000 carrot I began the chase. I began going back about once per week and would always come out with more than I put in.

The Bad: A year later I was frequenting the casinos more and more; only now I was coming out in the red.

The Ugly: Then I began to see predatory men there and was actually approached by a Russian man who I saw watching me earlier that day, He must have watched me loose my last dime and the next thing I knew he was offering me money in exchange for sex. After declining his proposition, I took about an 18 month Haidas, which ended this past weekend.

I wanted to see the new and improved Philadelphia Park Casino, so my and some friends rode up there. I had upped my customary $20 to $50 and was feeling lucky. So I lost that almost immediately and before I knew it I was standing in line at the atm. I watched people's faces as they withdrew money or was unable to withdrawal money. I took out $100 and won $285 and was done. I had won my money back and then some. Was happy that there was a club there now to divert my attention from gambling because my ride was not ready to go. So I ate, danced and searched for my ride. When I caught up with her, she was very much in the red. I ended up giving her some money so she could try again, but to no avail. So, after 6 hours, we finally leave, not even realizing that it was now 3am. Now, this is the most interesting part. A guy was coming in as we were leaving he looked at me and said, "why are you leaving? it wasn't that bad was it?" I said not really but we had been there long enough. He wanted me to come join him at the crap table "Just for luck". So laughed and said well I wanna play too, you got money for me to play"? He pulls out a wad of money. Scary thing is that had I been alone, I may have gone back with him...and I wasn't even broke. It was about the thrill.

I think I better stay away from the casinos.

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