Monday, August 16, 2010

The Blame Game

Did anybody read the article in Essence Magazine advising black women not to blame the down low men for HIV? In a nutshell, it blames African American women for being irresponsible. Now mind you, this is supposed to be a magazine FOR black women.

As my mom would say "That's a crock of shit"

This African-American doctor from Drexel University presented her "findings" from the hundreds of black men that she interviewed in Philadelphia. Her conclusion which she presented at and HIV convention in Vienna Austria: "There can't possibly be that many bisexual black men and the real problem is stress. She goes on to blame black women for their irresponsibility and claims that men are just having sex with multiple women.

Now, I don't have a damn PHD, but my common sense tells me a totally different story.

Number one, most men on the down low are not going to admit to having sex with men, (especially if they are married) hence the term down low. It is a secret society in which men form alliances and will not disclose the details of their secret lives to outsiders. Number two, word on the street is that although ATL is the gay capital, PHILLY is the down low capital. Number three, it is not a "black"'s universal, as usual, black people get infected and die at a higher rate than other ethnicity's. Just another disparity.

Being a single woman myself, practicing abstinence is my first choice, but when then time comes and I just "gotta have it" using a condom is not an's a requirement. I would just hope that all the single ladies are aware of the risks of not having unprotected sex.

I don't have a problem with men who are bi-sexual - if that's your thing then do you. However i DO have a problem with a liar and a cheat and that is what a down low man is. ESPECIALLY the married ones or those who are otherwise engaging in sexual activity with women. Man up and tell the truth about who you are and stop putting innocent unsuspecting persons at risk. How 'bout they OFFER to use a condom or make it a practice of using one every time? Oh yeah, that would be like admitting that they've done something wrong.

And don't forget the many men who carry and pass on HIV without suffering from it themselves.

The article says that more information is forthcoming. I sure hope she gets some more insight on the topic. Truth of the matter is that this thing is goes way back in history...I don't know about Egypt, but definitely during the reigns of the Romans and Greeks, and is even noted in the bible along with other immoral practices.

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