Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Everytime a baby is born...

So is a grandmother.

I am going to be a granmother yall! That's scary.

When I first learned that I was going to be a grandmother, quite frankly, I was upset. This world is crazy and I can barely take care of myself and now I'm gonna have a grandbaby?!?!

I found out exactly 10 days before my father died. As the initial shock wore off and the weeks passed by, I got kinda comfortable with the idea. Then yesterday, I felt my grandbaby move - and she captured my heart. Now I'm downright excited!!!(Yes! another girl.)

It's still scary though. The thought of being a grandmom. First of all, what will she call me? She definitely ain't calling me no grandmom.

I will say this. There has been a shift in my being over the last month and a half. I feel ...softer. Things and people to whom my heart was once hardened to...the hardness is gone. In it's place is a new...softness...kinda like I used to be a long time ago...before life's challenges changed me.

But with my new softness, I'm a whole lot stonger and wiser (and I have the gray hairs to show it!) So, maybe I actually am more prepared for grandparenthood than I thoought!

Peace and Love!

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