Friday, April 16, 2010

Rejuvenated, Restructured and Redirected


First I want to give glory and honor to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords - Creator of all that is seen and unseen- lover of my soul and saviour of my life. Without him I am nothing!

Many of you who know me know that I started my business in 2005 after the passing of my mother. I named my company HTS - Hayes Technical Solutions for several reasons. One, I wanted to be recognized by my maiden name since i was in the process of a divorce and found myself in a new territory called total independence. Two, because the name pretty much covered everything . I could do it all Event Planning, web design, name it I could do it or so I thought. I was just all over the place, desperately trying to keep my sanity during the darkest period that I had ever encountered. I just wanted to make money. Money means success. Success means happiness. That was my thinking back then. So HTS 's motto became Headed Towards Success.

Well, I faced many obstackles on my way to success and I made many mistakes. What I learned is that my "motto" was all wrong.

So, let's just skip to the present.

I was laying in bed one Sunday night thinking that I was feeling much more stable and ready to move on with my business venture. Then this song started going through my head. It was a song from a "Psalty the Psongbook" video that my kids and I used to watch when they were little. I heard it loud and clear. "If you want to be great in God's kingdom, learn to be a servant of all." The story line was about Charity Churchmouse who was going to be a Gospel Singing Star. Yup, she was "Headed Towards Success" and fell into a trap. Then she realized what the Lord was trying to tell her - be a servant. That's when it hit me...HTS...Here to Serve

So, whatever your needs are - prayer, inspiration, home improvement, event planning, photography, web design etc, whatever. Just let HTS know and more than likely we can direct you to a professional that will work with you and your budget.

That's just the beginning. I'm not quite sure at this time what else we have in store for you, but be assured that there is more to come!

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