Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Barber Shops and Beauty Salons - Still the Cornerstone of the Community

I really needed my ends cut and I needed to get that done today. So, on a whim, I go to the Dominican shop just to let them cut my ends. I don't let them do my hair because all that heat they use is not good for your hair. It is very had to repair hair that is damaged by heat. Repairing hair from chemical damage is easier than repairing hair from heat damage. Heat damage is the worst.


The Dominican shop was closed, but a few doors down there was a barber shop with a stylist on duty. So, i go into the shop and there sitting waiting to get his cut was my daughter's little boyfriend. He is pleasantly shocked to see me in "his shop", but greets me with his usual pleasantries - a smile and a hug for Ms. Kendall.

The stylist had just stepped out so one of the barbers "hit her up" on her cell and told her she had a "walk -in". They had some rap music playing - very loudly - but I am gifted that i can shut things out. A few minutes passed before one barber turns to me and says "Miss, I got some O'Jays, some Stylistics, Isley Brothers, Sam Cooke, etc. What you wanna hear?" I told him any of the above mentioned would suffice.

He put on "Family Reunion" first - the other barbers were like "man, that's stuff you listen to when...and they all said at the same time...."when you at your family reunion!" So then we heard some Temptations, Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes.and I was just tickled that these 23=28 year old young men were entertaining me with their appreciation for and knowledge of "real" music!

The stylist come in and give me one of the BEST shampoos I ever had! I mean, she knew NOT to use her nails when massaging my scalp, but used the balls of her fingertips...very professional. A cosmetologist myself, I am always critiquing my experience during any and all beauty treatments.

She asked me where I normallly go and I said the Dominicans down the street, she said "yeah, they do a good job, but too much heat on your hair is not good! Now you know I'm really appreciating this girl now.

So, she blew my hair dry with minimal heat, as should be and straightened my hair using the real stove and irons...not electric stuff. Although she did use the electrics to feather my style.

I was not only impressed with her professional knowledge of HAIR CARE, but also her demeanor, hospitality (she gave me water to drink) AND her price. She even showed me some new tricks to keeping my hairstyle.

I needed my eyebrows done as well and she was hesitant, but I told her I had confidence that she could do them. And she did them...the old fashioned way - with the razor, not wax! AND she did a good job!

So, I watched the young men in my neighborhood in their environment - the barbarshop. I feel like i kinda invaded their space, but they were very courteous and respectful.

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