Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just Kendall's Random Thoughts

And did anyone else check out the Metro a few months back when they did a spread on what the future of the city would be? Yup, they ran a spread that showed what Philly would look like in 2020, if plans go accordingly. Guess what? I didn't see not one black person in the city's future - not Dn center city. Nope - all the condos, restaurants, theatre and nightlife planned SO NOT include people of my hue. Blacks are not part of the fabric of future Philly.

How in the world are the citizens of Philadelphia sit around and allow city-council to vote on whether or not there should be term limits? What? You think they are gonna vote the terminate their own employment? That is a question that should be put on the ballot and yes there should most certainly be term limits for those positions. WTH?

I extend much love and respect for this new breed of Young black leaders that are emerging in Philly. I;m talking about business leaders, politicians, religious and civic leaders. They did not wait for the baton to be passed to them (thank God, because they'd still be waiting) no these brothers jumped up and took the darn baton and are running with it!! Although I may not always agree with some of their tactics, they have my respect and support.

I love my church, ENON, my Pastor, Allyn Waller and the many positive black male influences there. When I see articles about churches coming together to realize the disparity in black men, I just smile because I know that my church family might not make the news all the time, but we definitely make a difference every day of the week
More importantly the Word is being preached through actions.

I was ecstatic to read in the Chicago Tribune that their one and only all black all male charter school had 100% of their seniors accepted and going to college!!! Ain't that good news?!?!?!

Now onto some other stuff that's really been bothering me. Stuff that just make me wanna holler and throw up both my hands...

How in the world are the citizens of Philadelphia standing by and watching all the BS taking place and not saying or doing a thing? I'm not just talking about gentrification, now you got this mayor trying to impose an additional price on trash pick up and a ta on sweetened soft drinks. With all the construction I see going on moving this whole gentrification process along, most of the license plates are from out of town. So, the citizens of Philadelphia, not only can't get a job working in their own neighborhood - they also get to pay extra for a can of Pepsi or Coca Cola AND pay to have their trash picked up And don't forget about your city council president who retired, got her $500k retirement package and returned to work the next day still on salary. When are we gonna wake up?
Back to some positive. I may be the only one, but I see some positive changes withing the school district.

Even though the days of an elected School Board with members who have a vested, non-financial-non business interest are long gone, I am hopeful about the 2014 vision.

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