Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Theme Song

Last year's theme song was Alicia Keys' "Superwoman".
Even when I'm a mess I still put on my best with an "S" on my chest Oh Yes, I'm a Superwoman.

For some of us, even when we don't want to be superwoman, we have be - even when we aren't, we have to pretend to be.

I will ALWAYS be superwoman.

OK, So this year's themes song is Cameo's "Single Life".

I love my mother-daughter discussions. We've always had them, but now that they are older our conversations are more grown up and intriguing. We talk about men/boys relationships, work, sex, drugs, - you name it, we have probably talked about it. I am happy that my daughters feel comfortable talking to me about anything. (Although I sometime find myself blushing because that middle child can come up with some stuff!)

I realized over the weekend that they are genuinely concerned about me being single. So I explained to them that yes, sometimes I get lonely, and yes, I would love to be in a relationship, but right now I am enjoying ME!. I like living alone and I am just really taking this time to get to know Kendall. I don't want to get too set in my ways and sometimes I get afraid and think that if someone doesn't come along and sweep me up pretty soon, I might end up an old lady with cats. lolol.

So, they got me to thinking and I realized that yeah I have probably been running away from relationships. Probably passed up, bypassed and overlooked some pretty good prospects too. But it's all good. I am happy and at peace! I haven't had peace of mind for a long time and I am enjoying it to the utmost.

I still believe in fairytales. Me and my two grown daughters went to see the princess and frog on opening day and loved it!! But I ain't kissing no more frogs hoping to transform them into my prince. My prince better come looking regal, self assured and ready to sweep my off my feet! Matter of fact, I don't even want a prince - I want the KING!

lolololol. If not, ka sera sera.

I will contine to live the single life...

Peace and Love!

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