Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Appreciation to an Honest Gay Black Man

In my quest to understand this Down Low "phenomenon" (which, by the way is really nothing new. Men have been on the down low since forever, some of us have just been going through life with our eyes wide shut!)I read this on "The Sraight Up Truth about the Down Low" after I posted a story there. I thank him for his honesty and think this is worth sharing.

Name: A Soul that cares.

WOW! As an Black Man I was hesitant to post any comments at first, but after watching the film "COVER", I feel that it is okay to lend some insight to this forum. I am not involved, with any women sexually, and I do not wear any labels to define my sexuality. I refer to my same sex attractions and behavior as Homo-erotic."I don't want to make this post about me and what the causalities of my behavior stem from. I just want to say that I feel a sigh of relief knowing that women, especially Black women have taken off the blinders with regards to men on the down low.And are now empowering themselves against this covert lifestyle, that their so called life partners, have, burdened them with.

It is just not fair and it, and it just ain't right. Black women have been the driving force that has sustained the Black Family for untold centuries, here in this Western society, and we would not have made it this far without you. My Dear Mothers, sisters daughters, and all females in here that have been dissed and abused by the down low brothers, DON'T TAKE THAT NONSENSE.No not for another second. "You deserve to know the truth, and it will set you free.

These men out here that are carrying on with other men, while hiding behind the illusion of marriage, are the ones that have some very deep and lasting scars and baggage that has nothing to do with you. And the same game that they run on women,just to get some sex or whatever their selfish needs may be, they also perpetrate on the men that they deal with.So never take your confused mans behavior personally or as measure as you worth or desirability as a woman. " God Bless You all" Always have your bags ready in any case scenario.And if need be "Just leave", God will always make a way out of no way for you...If you can trust nothing else, TRUST God and your good common sense. with Love
A native Son.

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