Sunday, November 1, 2009


Quite simply the reason why I vote is because my mommy said I should. Period.

My mom was ALWAYS a political activist, ever since I can remember she worked the polls as minority leader, majority leader and was on the ballot for Judge of Elections before her untimely death in 2005. Undoubtedly she would have won. I remember I was in the 8th grade telling my classmates about voting NO for the charter change - a change that would allow Rizzo to run again and extend the term limits of the mayor. And some of my classmates at St. Therese actually listened to me. lolol. I remember Leon Hosendorf and I were like two old people discussing politics. (RIP Leon) (Leon also believed me when I told him Issac Hayes was my uncle so....)

So like it or not, I've always been around politics. This Tuesday will be no exception as I cast my vote for Seth Williams for D.A., I will be a part of history in the making. Philadelphia NEEDS to VOTE FOR SETH WILLIAMS FOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY. I can say it enough.

Yes there are other offices that are up for grabs including City Controller. I've heard some otherwise intellegent people declare that they will vote for the incumbent Alan Butkovitz because he supports black businesses. So what if he does and how has that helped any black business that you know?! That's not his job as City Controller. The City controller is primarily responsible for auditing municipal government. Period. What is the track record here? Who is his opponent and what is his track record? Do you even know? People WAKE UP, GET INVOLVED and HOLD ALL YOU ELECTED OFFICIAL RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEY ARE COMMISIONED TO DO BY THE CITY HOME RULE CHARTER.

I vote becasue my conscience tells me to. I've been taught to learn about people who are running and to make an intelligent decision about who I am voting for. I'm trying to teach my children the same ethic but right now they look to me (or their father) for who to vote for. I'll be glad when the day comes when they can tell me who I should vote for and why.

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