Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Matrix

OK. Most of you who know me know that when it comes to electronics, movies and other propaganda I'm a little slow. If you REALLY know me then you know that I have no type of pay tv - comcast, fios, direct tv - nothing. But I did breakdown and get the DTV box - against my better judgment. I JUST watched the Matrix reloaded and am convinced that we live in a world of carefully scripted propaganda. I don't even watch the news much anymore. I view the news as a major brainwashing tool. I hate the news.


When I had cable and watched Fox, CNN BCC, and other news stations, my blood pressure was ALWAYS high! I was always fussing back at the tv - it was just ridiculous. Now, my pressure remains stable because I just watch the local stupid news for weahter and traffic. I no longer watch the media outlets that are controlled by politicians and CEO's of the major companies that control the economy.

Politicians lying,
everybody trying -
to make a dollar -
it make me wanna holler -
'they way they do my life
the way they do my life'...
No more racism,
no pollution,
the solution -
(Kirk Franklin)

Keep an open mind and a watchful eye of the News the TV Doesn't Tell You!

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