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Local Organization Resurfaces; Renews Old Vision


Local Organization Resurfaces; Renews Old Vision
Fundraising initiatives in place for renovations of Historical Site

Philadelphia, PA September 1, 2009 – In 1931, The Wharton Centre was created and used as a catalyst for many social, youth, and housing programs/agencies in North Philadelphia and throughout the city. Activities are noted in the book The Philadelphia Negro by W.E.B. Dubois and documented at the Urban Archives @ Temple University.

The Wharton Centre was responsible in part, if not in whole, for the creation of the Philadelphia Housing Authority, Redevelopment Authority, The Y.M.C.A. of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Recreatio n Department and co untless other agencies and programs.

Motivated by social, political, educational and economical concerns of our communities that often go unheard, if not ignored all together, The Wharton Centre and United Minorities of Philadelphia .Association of .Contractors have combined forces to not only bring these concerns to light, but to bring forth resolutions.

Even though the organization receives no funding, it remains, true to it’s legacy. This summer they provided an affordable summer day camp program to approximately 30 chi ldren. These children learned math skills, gymnastics, martial arts and etymology (the study of the origin of words). The parents learned that there are some good people out there who actually care a bout their kids. If they couldn’t pay the fees, they didn’t have to worry about it. If they needed transportation for their children to and from camp, it was provided…all at no cost.

“Next year we want to be able to expand the program. We need to get renovations done to our gym so that we can provide activities for the kids all year long” stated Lewis Harris, Chairman of the Board of the Wharton Center. "We don’t want to ever see our children subject to the being discriminated against like they were this summer at the Valley Swim Club. We want to create a safe place for our children to come and enjoy.”

Founder and CEO of United MPAC, Robert Kirby stresses the need for support of their various fundraising initiatives. “We d on’t get any funding from outside agencies, We need to do this for us and by us. That’s why we’re having a Splash Party fundraiser this Saturday September 5th and we are also raffling off this brand new 2009 Ford truck. We NEED support.”

For additional information or to support fundraising initiatives, visit

About Th e Wharton Centre’s United MPAC
The Wharton Centre Inc., A 501(c)3 non profit founded in 1931 created
United M.P.A.C (United Minorities of Philadelphia Association of Contractors) as a subsidiary to address certain social, political, educational and economical concerns go unheard, if not ignored all together, especially in more economically depressed areas of the city. Our goal is to not only bring these concerns to light, but to bring resolution. Leveraging will be one of the vital tools used to achieve our objectives. We came together initially because our minority contractors are being denied jobs right here in our own city.

Currently there are two programs in place that have helped achieve some of the aggressive initiatives of the organization.

The T.T.L. (Take The Lead) Initiative Program was developed for several reasons. Gentrification is a serious problem in some of our neighborhoods and we would like to help20prevent some of the problems that lead to decay and neighborhood ruin. We also wanted to create our own jobs and provide work for our minority contractors. While meeting this goal we are also providing excellent services from qualified contractors to property owners. This is an affordable service pro viding maintenance, consultant and construction services for any residential or commercial property. An assessment team will help you determine your needs and together you will be able to decide what needs to be addressed immediately and in the long term.

The United M.P.A.C. Business Members Program was created to help business owners, companies, and/or those individuals who receive 1099's. The association greatly benefits those who have non-verifiable income and are responsible for paying their own taxes, especially tradesmen and women, sub-contractors, barbers, hair=2 0stylists, vendors, independent / freelance consultants and sales associates, mechanics, etc. The program provides many services and promotes a kinship for members to network, do business together, enjoy healthcare discounts, payroll services, LLC creation services, etc. Designed for those individuals who are in20business for themselves, but don't want to feel that they're BY themselves.

Using their own formula that backs our theory: I + M = L p
Translation: Information + The Masses = Leverage to a higher power.

The Wharton Centre and United M.P.A.C. are on the move

Annie Havey, Director of Communications
The Wharton Center/United MPAC


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