Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We've Got To Do Something To Save The Children

I tried to wait until I cooled down a bit before writing about the racist b-------s in Huntingdon Valley. It is a sin and a shame that in 2009, the year of the first Black President of these United States of America, our babies are slapped in the face with outright, blatant racism.

Now, what I am about to say may not be very popular, but here it goes...

Why the hell would we even want to take our children to Huntingdon Valley? It is obvious that they don't want to be around blacks that's why they live Huntingdon Valley in their secluded little lifestyles. I'll tell you why, because the city closed their pools and the babies needed someplace to swim this summer. I salute the day care providers for their efforts to provide the children with the opportunity to swim, but could they have found a black swim club to partner with?

This should serve as a wake-up call to the man who calls himself running the city. I personally hold him responsible. That's all I'm gonna say about that because I am still really angry!

This incident brought back to memory my own personal encounter with racism with the Huntingdon Valley racists.

I was working in Huntingdon Valley in the engineering department of a very large company. Engineering itself had over 300 employees and I was one of three black employees. The people were so nice and I never had any problems with the employees. My boss was the best. He was an English man and I loved his accent and as I said, he nor any of the other employees treated me with anything other than kindness and respect. None of them were actually from Huntingdon Valley either. I almost forgot that I was black and they were white. Then we had the department Christmas party. It was held in some country club out in Huntingson Valley. Well, I was sitting at the table with my boss, his direct secretary and some other higher ups in the department. (By the way, the two other black gentlemen did not attend the Christmas Party) Anyway, we're sitting there have a good time; then the food begins to be served. Everyone was served except for me. I think soup was first and then salad. Well, after I didn't get the salad, my boss was furious and asked to speak with whomever was in charge. Well at that point, it didn't matter - I had been slapped in the face by racism in the 90's. Once my boss made a big deal, I thanked him and I left.

So, we need to guard our children and not put them in a situation where this could happen.

By the way, when we had our office christmas party a few days later, I received lots of nice gifts and money. I guess everyone heard about what happened, but it wasn't them - not all white people are racist bigs.

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