Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today is the last day for teachers in the Philadelphia School District and ends my first year with the school district. It's been interesting.

I always thought that teaching was a fun and easy job, but it's not. Most of my teachers always made it look that way because they loved what they do. You gotta love teaching to be effective. On that note, I would like to acknowledge most of the teachers at Randolph. You are effective and do a wonderful job. I have to make some special acknowledgements to the teachers that I have actually observed in action:

Mrs. Silverman - the English teacher was the first teacher to impress me. During my first week here I had to detain a male student because of his behaviour. He was so upset, and begged if he could just come back for detention after school because HE HAD TO GET TO MRS. SILVERMAN'S CLASS and he couldn't be late!!! As time went on, I could see why he was so anxious to get to her class. SHE MAKES LEARNING ENGLISH FUN. I often have the urge to go sit in on her class when I pass by.

Mr. Moore (Autobody) and Mr. Young (Automechanics) both act as role models for the boys and have a great repoire with their students. And, "they don't take no tea for the fever" as my mother used to say. They teach them how to be respectful and responsible citizens.

Lt. Stallings and Mr. Davis (Fire Academy) OMG. When you see their kids in the hallway or another class, they might be off the chain, but when they are in class with either or both of these two teachers, sometimes I don't even recognize them. So, I learned that when they are out of control, I can just say, "OK, Im gonna tell Lt. Stallings or Mr. Davis" and they're like "Ok Ms. Hayes I'm sorry, I'm going to class right now." Not only that, they incorporate valuable life skills in their curriculum.

Like I said, these are teachers that I am constantly in contact with and observe because we are in the same area of the building. Just because I may not have mentioned you here, doesn't mean that I think you are not a great teacher. Although personally I may think one out of the bunch is absolutely a horrible teacher, all in all this is a good bunch.

Peace and Love!


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