Tuesday, June 2, 2009


You know what? I am so tired of seeing so many black men who are gay - openly or closeted. I hope I don't appear to be judgmental, but I don't know which bothers me most: black men who are flamboyantly gay or those who are secretly gay or bi-sexual.

The flamboyant guy is at least true to himself, but can he tone it down a bit? He is not a woman, a girlfriend or a "fish".

The closeted guy is just a down-low low-down coward who is afraid or ashamed to be himself. He lies to himself and his family and he is often either married to a woman or in a relationship with a woman, but he's always on the prowl for men as well. He often is abusive (mentally, physically and or verbally) to the woman in his life because he doesn't really love her at all.

Not that this is anything new. Men (and women too) have been like this for centuries and all over the world. I guess I'm more bothered by the men because men are my preference. So, I've decided that it's time to explore a more diverse dating pool and consider people of all nationalities. I'm gonna stop rejecting the Arabs, Greeks and men of other nationalities who offer to take me to dinner and a show or something. These are the only offers I get! Oh, no, that's not true - I also get offers from young men who are under 30! I just can't see myself going out with someone my daughter might date! Plus, they might be looking for a suga' momma and I ain't her!

Yeah, I think it's time. Wish me luck!

Peace and Love!

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