Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I am not one to condone violence and I know that vengeance is the Lord's, however, sometimes the Lord uses people to do his will.

When I heard about that little girl being raped, tears formed in my eyes. But when I saw the news last night and watched a community come together and capture the perpetrator, I actually clapped. I think we might need a little more street justice in our communities! I'm sure he will also experience some jail justice too!

Speaking of taking it to the streets, why is it 2009 and black people are still protesting and marching and looking for a handout? We still marching down to Washington DC for education rights, and picketing to get a few crumbs from major construction projects. The recent court decision to "allow" protesters to protest at the convention center, provided they adhere to rules that will allow the contractors to continue business as usual sounds like a scene described by Malcolm X in his message to the grassroots. Yeah ok, you all can picket and protest and waste your time begging for crumbs. I ithought the whole idea of a protest was to interrupt business. Forty years later we still don't understand the concept of unifying ourselves and making things happen for our own race. I don't see no Latinos or Asians protesting anywhere for anything. No, they, along with the Asians, promote unity amongst themselves and they come into our neighborhoods and open businesses that strive on our dollars.

I don't have anything against protesting; it is protesting that gained blacks the right to vote again, and brought about desegregation - supposedly. I think it's time to take the black movement to the next level. I don't know exactly what that level is, but maybe we can get some pointers from the latinos and asians

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