Thursday, June 4, 2009


I love black musice and am glad that we have a month to celebrate it. I've always enjoyed the culmination of this monthly celebration at the WOL Jazz Festival.

Can somebody please tell my why this month has also been deemed Pride month. Pride meaning LGBT or whatever the acronym is. Is there a Heterosexual Pride month? There needs to be because it seems like we are the minority now.

It kinda feels like that episode from the old "Twilight Zone". You know the one where they are trying to "fix" the deformed lady's face but the operation was not successful. When they finally show the people's faces, we see that all the "normal" people are deformed and the deformed lady is normal. She is then sent away to a place where she'll be happy - with people who are "deformed" like her.

That's what was on my mind this morning.

Peace and Love

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