Friday, May 15, 2009


Teachers efforts often go unnoticed and unappreciated. I am proud to write that two of the teachers at Randolph have been recognized for their teaching methods.

Laura Jacklin one of Randolph's English teachers, plays a critical role at the school, in and out of the classroom. She allows her English students the freedom to learn in the style that suits them best and instills in them the discipline they need to develop lifelong skills to succeed. On Saturdays she works with the Rising Stars organization, which helps basketball players develop their academic skills.

Click on her name to link to a very insightful paper that she wrote entitled "Looking Through Others’ Eyes-Literature and the Double Self in the 20th Century".

Dwayne E. Frazier, a teacher in the Fire Academy, was honored last month as the "Outstanding New Career and Technical Education Teacher". This honor was bestowed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education during their annual Career and Technical Education Week in Harrisburg. Randolph was among one of four schools, STATEWIDE, singled out at an "Outstanding Career and Technical Education High School.

Mr. Frazier if the founder of the Philadelphia Legacy League, an organization that incorporates black history lessons with basketball.

Although these were the only two teacher who were honored, Randolph has many great teachers and role models.

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