Friday, May 22, 2009


I often receive an anonymous text saying "THIS INFORMATION IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR YOUR ACCOUNT TYPE." So I thought I'd finally put some use to it and use it as a title.

Someone recently asked me if I had ever practiced any religion other than Christianity. I've always been pretty open-minded. Even in my quest for a religious experience, I've studied "all kinds of cult sciences, astrology, mysticism, world religion and so forth ya dig? And like ah, coming from a hip place all these things help because they give you an insight to your inner self - have mercy." LOL - Some of you may catch on to that one.

But seriously though, during my quest for spirituality, I've tried Catholicism, AME, SDA - but still felt that empty void in my life. It wasn't until recently that I tried JESUS! Now I understand what my grandmother and the songwriter meant when they said "Can't nobody do you like Jesus!!!

Now, like I said in the title of this post: THIS INFORMATION MAY NOT BE COMPATIBLE FOR YOUR ACCOUNT TYPE. You may not believe in Jesus or you may be a buddhist or and atheist or whatever, so at this point maybe you should just stop reading.

So, as I was saying. To some degree I've followed religious traditions and doctrine practically all my life. But when I personally experienced the love of Jesus, it's just indescribable - because it's truly incomprehensible for us to fully understand, but I do understand that it is real!!!

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