Friday, April 3, 2009

Randolph's Future Looks Bright

Randolph Career Academy has had some pretty prominent visitors in the last two weeks. Last Friday, Dr. Ackerman, Sandra Dungee-Glenn, Curtis Jones and a few other heavy hitters did a walk thru along with TV cameras. Yesterday, another entourage of visitors flowed through the hallways and classrooms. On Monday, April 6, 7 representative from China visited the Randolph Technical Academy. With the use translators, the dialog proved to be very interesting. span>

The most interesting thing to me was that in China, when their students complete High School and receive their certificate of completion, they are equipped and ready to go straight into their profession. Nursing students go straight to the hospitals and trade students go straight to work builing up China's infrastructure.

Now, I wonder, out of all the students who elect to take electrical shops in Philadelphia school system, how many go on to get a job in their field or their Electrician union card? Anybody got the stats on that?

I don't know what prompted these visits, but rumor has it that Randolph might be on the chopping block. Some ask, "Even with the school district's plans to open three new career and technical high schools?" Yeah, well, that could very well be why they are looking at Randolph so closely - take the model and move it somewhere else. That's nothing new for Pennsylvania or Philadelphia. There's a history of starting pilot programs in urban areas, documenting the success of the program and moving the program to sub-urban and rural areas. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if that happens.

Hope I'm wrong. And I think I am. Thank God!

Peace and Love

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