Friday, April 17, 2009


Grandmothers are gifts from God.

Man, I sure miss mine. Every time I hear "Family Reunion" I still cry! That was the one and only album my grandmother had in her house! And she loved to plan our annual family reunions, along with her 5 brothers and sisters, also known as the Fisher Sunshine Club.

I lived with my grandmother from age 14 until 23 and some family members claim that I was her favorite. I don't think that I was her favorite - she loved all of her grands equally and I would hear her praying for each of us every night. Not just for us, but for her entire family. But I was really spoiled. I mean, all those years, I would wake up to breakfast, come home to a hot meal everyday and if I was late, my plate would be warming on the stove over a pot of hot water. She made my bed for me on most days, because I was always rushing out in the morning. I did wash my own clothes though.

My grandmother's birthday just passed (March 27th) and I celebrated with memories that I usually keep to myself, but this year when my youngest daughter said "Today is mom's birthday", i shared some stories with her. We laughed and we cried as we remembered Catherine Massey.

Our lives are parallel in some ways i.e.: She had three daughters and so do I. She left a bad marriage and never looked back and so did I; She got her college degree when she was in her 40's, and so will I; She was a hell of a lady and so am I!!

She never re-married because she believed that the bible told her that she could not re-marry until her husband died. I think she was wrong about that, but never the less, that is what she believed. Well by the time he died, she was in a nursing home, bed ridden from Lou Garret's disease and could no longer speak or even write anymore. She made her daughters video tape his funeral so that she could watch it! I thought that was hilarious! When I asked her if she was gonna get married now, she just laughed so hard she began choking.

She used to say stuff like "You'll understand it better by and by". I would be thinking "What the hell is she talking about? Can't she just answer my question?" Well, "By and By" is now, because I do understand a lot of things better.

Just sharing some memories today.

Peace and Love!

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