Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Run Rhianna Run!!!

I'm sure that this highly publicized display of domestic violence was not the first encounter for this young woman, and rest assured it will not be the last. Statistics show that once an abuser abuses you and you accept that behavior by allowing him (or her) back into your life, (and after only 3 weeks?!?!) he (or she)will abuse you again. I know. You can't help who you love. But can we, as women love ourselves first and foremost?

As the mother of two teenage daughters and one young adult daughter; a product of domestic violence myself, this is something that I must speak out about. The cycle of domestic violence in my family is broken; it ends with me. I understand what it means to love someone and to do everything in your power to make a relationship work, (especially if you have children, a house, a business, etc.) but after a while you wake and look at yourself and realize that you don't deserve to be treated that way. And what about your children? We don't realize that they are witnessing everything that's going on, and that it is very traumatizing to witness your mother being abused.

While I taught my daughters to love and respect their father, I have shown them that they DO NOT EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES have to put with any type of abuse. This is a global issue and too many females are accepting this behavior as if it is normal. IT IT NOT NORMAL OR ACCEPTABLE FOR SOMEONE TO BEAT YOU UP PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY OR EMOTIONALLY.

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