Thursday, March 19, 2009

Follow the leader

I've heard it said that Obama is now the black people's leader. I beg to differ, even though this post isn't about that, I have to go there first.

In my opinion, President Obama is a different breed of brother. He shuns from any discussion on race and lacks the insight to honestly address the race issue in America. This weekend I watched a special presentation by Andrew Young called "How We Got Here." It was a historical look at racism during the civil rights movement. President Obama and I were both born during the height of that era, and I know that I don't have personal experiences of racism to that degree, but I had a black grandfather, grandmother, mother and father who on occasion shared their horror stories. They didn't harp on them because they felt that things had gotten better and that we were more privileged than they were. They shared just enough to remind us of that fact. And who can forget that big yellow "I Have A Dream" book about MLK.

Obama's was raised by his mother and paternal grandparents; all of whom were white! They didn't experience racism.

Now, I've experienced what I thought to be racism in high school, but when I came home to share my experience with my mom, she just blew it off. It was nothing to her because she had experienced "real racism." I didn't care what she said though, it was racism and I was furious!

President Obama has probably not experienced the racism of our forefathers and mothers, nor has he had any horror stories passed down to him. He can't possibly be the new leader for blacks in America - but he is the new leader for America as a whole and his skin is tinted with more melanin an pigmentation than any other President in America's history.


Everyone looks for a leader or mentor of some kind during their lifetime. Children often look to their parents, law students look to prominent lawyers, aspiring teachers look to seasoned teachers, etc. President Obama himself at one time looked to Reverend Jeremiah Wright as a mentor.

I've always been one to dance to my own beat. I was never really a follower, I always did my own thing but I always believed that i was guided by a higher power When I tried to follow someone's lead, it was fine, unless something just didn't sit right in my soul. Then I had to go my own way.

When I reached a point in life where I disconnected from my creator. The anger and hurt that I felt slowly destructed my spirituality. I kept going on a downward spiral, until finally, I didn't know which way to go and had no one on earth to turn to, I returned to my spiritual roots.

First, I had to learn to listen to his voice and drown out all other negative influences. Secondly, I had to learn that my ways are not his ways; my will not his will. I had to learn to let go and have the faith to let God do his thing. So now, I'm just following his lead and watching him work.


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