Friday, March 13, 2009

Alone Time Is Good...Sometimes

I want to be clear about this. I am enjoying this period in my life, but ladies and gentlemen, being alone is not always great. Most of my friends are married, and while I am grateful that my friends Reed and Marion invited me to hang out with them on Valentine's day, I realized that it might be time for me to get my own man.

I ask my male friends what's wrong with me - why can't I get (and keep) a man. The answers vary:

"You haven't met the right one."
"You're not ready."
"Cause you are mean."
"Cause you're crazy."
And my favorite:
"You don't need a man. Men like damsel's in distress, men need to be needed."

I don't know any damsel who has been more distressed than me!!! I just don't look or act like it I guess. I'm not supposed to.

I want a man like Neyo, one who is not intimidated by a women who "looks, walks and talks like the boss" There is nothing more valuable than a woman who knows that all of her needs will be supplied by her creator...Ok...including my man.

Peace and Love

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