Friday, February 6, 2009

The American Dream

My mother and I loved to debate each other's opinions and I was usually swayed to her point of view. However, while she firmly believed that blacks were much better off than they were "in her day and time", I, rebel that I am, firmly disagreed, stating that her perception was just an illusion. (She fondly referred to me as the "Rebel without a cause.)

While going through yet another box of memorabilia, I came across this book that I bought back in the late 90's: America: Who Stole the Dream? by Philadelphia Inquirer Reporters Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele.

"LET'S SUPPOSE, for a moment, that there was a country where the people in charge charted a course that eliminated millions of good jobs.

Suppose they gave away several million more jobs to people from other nations.

Finally, imagine that the people running this country implemented economic policies that enabled those at the very top to grow ever richer while most others grew poorer.

You wouldn't want to live in such a place, would you?

Too bad.

You already do."

Not surprisingly, the facts and statistics outlined in this book, which was written around 1996, are true today. Two areas that I distinctly remember reading about are financial ethics (wall street) and immigration. Warnings of the effects of America's activities during that time, have come to fruition.

How far have we really come?

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